C Griffy

C Griffy

Friday, January 6, 2012


In the book of John 15 the importance of having fruit is emphasized. The evidence that you have produced something is fruit. At this current time in my life it is time for me to start producing more fruit.As stated in the last blog I am in a ministry training program that has taught me how to properly relate to God, how to be loving and compassionate to others, and how to work in excellence.

Now is the time for me to use all that has been invested in me to reach out to others. Thus I have started a new ministry for women called Ruth and Naomi Ministries. God has changed my life from being a very sad and depressed person to one full of joy and peace. My desire is for other women to have the same freedom and joy in life. The forum is a talk show where women and can call in to get their questions answered about life. (Please check out the website at www.ruthandnaomiministries.org)

I believe that everyone has something to give to others. All of your experiences from the past have taught you something. Whether it was something good or bad someone can learn from it. My challenge for you this week is to think of one experience that you can share with others and go out and share it. Produce fruit so that someone else can eat from it and grow.http://www.ruthandnaomiministries.org